The purpose of this website is to perpetuate lutherie for future generations of luthiers, musicians and hobbyists. It is setup as an online course, and best of all it is FREE to register.

The art and craft of building stringed instruments is known as, Lutherie.

100’ provides both written and video tutorials that demonstrate the building process of two type of instruments, ‘ukuleles and tenor guitars. Lessons are broken down into three phases, with step-by-step instructions that are designed to provide the reader/student with a basic understanding of the raw materials used to build a unique handcrafted instrument.

1) Planning
2) Construction
3) Setup

Each phase adapts traditional and modern techniques of lutherie tailored from my personal experiences through formal instruction and trial and error(s). The principles presented here can be applied to all wooden stringed instruments, but the jigs and templates mentioned on this site are specifically for the ‘ukulele and the tenor guitar.

This website is constantly evolving, so please check back for updates. And remember to register your free account to get started today.

Aloha and happy building