“Safety First”

  • Safety is the first priority of all wood working projects.
  • Read and understand manufacturer’s warnings.
  • You take this course at your own risk.

This online course is not intended to teach you about the safety habits you use in your workshop, so BE CAREFUL!!! Read and understand the manufacturer’s warning of the tools you use. Remember, “SAFETY FIRST.”

Tool are designed for a specific purpose. If you do not follow the manufacture’s guidelines and warning, you risk injury to yourself and others around you.

Do not be foolish or careless. BE CAUTIOUS and CAREFUL!!!

There are consequences if you do not focus all your attention to the task at hand.

Be smart and be safe.

Other Tips:

  • Your workbench is your First tool
  • SHARP tools are safer than dull tools
  • Bright lights are safer than dim lighting
  • Beware of loose clothing and/or jewelery near power tools
  • Never work with power tools while intoxicated (save the party for the jam session)
  • Read the directions of your tools so you understand how to properly use them
  • Make sure your floors are CLEAN. Tripping hazards are DANGEROUS.
  • Keep your workbench clean and clear of clutter…… if that is possible….
  • Wear good shoes and/or get one of those rubber floor mats, your feet will thank you
  • Make sure your significant other knows how much you love them b/c your going to spend a lot of time focusing on your project and not them… = (